Editor’s note: This is part two of a two-part series revealing how food can be used to create unique and memorable event experiences.  You can see 12 Inspired Food Bar Ideas here.

A big chunk of most event budgets is devoted to food. Therefore, it makes sense to put extra effort into creative dining offerings. But a little creative presentation could increase the wow without budging your budget.

Here are nine interactive food stations full of sweets and treats.

1 Ice Cream Bar

Raise your hand if you like ice cream! As for those of you not raising your hands, can you please stop lying?

At a conference in May, Montreal-based caterer Agnus Dei created an interactive sorbet station that delighted all comers. Rings of raspberry, mango and coconut sorbet spun around a wheel. Guests simply had to hold up a scoop to the device to build their own cone. Pretty sweet, eh?

2 Caramel Apple Bar

Caramel apples covered in anything are fun to eat. Maybe a bit messy, but who’s gonna turn down the chance to be a kid again? Eat that apple!

3 Popcorn Bar

Candies, nuts, cheeses and butter are among the topping options you can use at your next event’s popcorn bar. Mix in some candy choices for a sweet & savory masterpiece. My personal favorite…skittles! Just try it.

4 S’mores Bar

Melting your own marshmallows over a fire is a fun experience for people ages six to 60. There are very creative options available for indoor roasting as well. Smart tip: Add Reese’s candy to the to the bar. Sooooo good.

5 Waffle Bar

A well-organized waffle bar offers guests a meal-treat hybrid, with plenty of options for toppings. What’s better than breakfast for dinner?

6 Donut Bar

I don’t know when donuts became so sexy—but they are hot, hot, hot! When it comes to toppings, the sky is the limit from M&Ms to bacon.

7 Yogurt Bar

Fill your cup with yogurt and then proceed to a colorful topping bar with unlimited tantalizing choices. Go a step healthier and make ‘em smoothies.

8 Snack Mix Bar

This food bar allows guests to specify their ratio of salty to sweet. Your attendees will feel like they’re eating something healthy while enjoying a delicious snack at the same time.

9 Candy Bar

Let’s wrap things up (see what I did there) with candy! Try a candy kabob station. A variety of gummy candies made available to design your own colorful rod of stickiness.

A candy bar with an assortment of jars is always a crowd pleaser. It can also be a branding opportunity. Offer candy choices that match your colors—or add your logo right on the candy.

Again, the secret is personalization. Allowing attendees to customize their own food to their specifications is an irresistible wat to design a memorable event experience.

Angela Skeen is a certified award-winning event professional, event blogger and the founder of Eventfully Angela LLC, a full-service event company that allows her to carry out her event nerd fantasies.