Whether you’re from the East Coast or the West, it’s hard to deny that ice cream is a great treat to cool down with on a hot summer day. Chocolate or strawberry, gelato or sherbet, in a cup or cone, the possibilities are endless. People love ice cream, and with so many unique ice cream shops around the country, how could you deny yourself—or your attendees? Here’s the scoop.

Garden Creamery—San Francisco

If you’re looking for an ice cream shop that fits almost everyone’s needs, Garden Creamery in San Francisco is the place for you. From ice cream and pops to sandwiches and vegan sorbet, all their deserts are hand-crafted in small batches. Pops, sandwiches and ice cream are made with organic Straus Family Creamery organic products. Vegan sorbet is 100 percent plant-based using coconut milk and agave nectar.

Full Tilt Ice Cream—Seattle

Featuring new and vintage arcade and pinball machines, an awesome mix of music, an array of sodas and some of the best beers the Northwest has to offer, it’s amazing that this gem even has the time to make their all-natural ice cream! Located in Seattle, Full Tilt Ice Cream is a place the whole group can hang out for true refreshment.

Dough Nation—Tampa, Florida

If your attendees love ice cream, cookie dough and giving back, Dough Nation could solve your CSR needs. They can even mix and match ice cream and cookie dough in the same cup or cone to design a sweet personalized creation! Right in the heart of downtown, this ice cream shop is owned and operated by Metropolitan Ministries, so proceeds go directly to their hunger relief programs, helping feed the needy in Tampa Bay!

Ted & Wally’s Ultra-Premium Homemade Ice Cream—Omaha, Nebraska

Made the old-fashioned way, Ted & Wally’s has been serving up natural homemade ice cream since 1984. Frozen delights are made from scratch and slow churned with rock salt and ice in antique White Mountain freezers. Vegan and no-sugar added Keto ice cream options are available. There’s even an ice cream taco on the menu!

Soft Swerve—New York City

Going through about 20 pounds of purple yams a day to make their Ube ice cream, Soft Swerve is located in the Big Apple near numerous hotels and restaurants. On top of their unique list of flavors, your attendees can even add toppings like Mochi and Boba if they’re feeling adventurous!

The Franklin Fountain—Philadelphia

If your attendees like to mix nostalgia and dessert, The Franklin Fountain could fit the bill. Inspired by a marble portrait of Benjamin Franklin, brothers Eric and Ryan Berley opened this ice cream shop as an authentic soda fountain. From classic favorites to Teaberry Gum—a popular choice in Northern and Central Pennsylvania—it’s easy to see why they made the list.

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Rollin Creamery—Fountain Valley, California

As Orange County’s first Thai-style rolled ice cream shop, Rollin Creamery serves up a bunch of funky, unique flavored ice creams along with summertime lemonades. Black Sesame and Matcha, Thin Mint Double Roll and Thai Tea are just the beginning of their rolled-up ice cream concoctions. Pair with Spicy Watermelon Lemonade for an unforgettable experience.

Pretty Cool Ice Cream—Chicago

From custard bars to pony pops to plant pops and buttermilk bars, the list keeps going! Pretty Cool Ice Cream in Chicago is serving up novelties for everybody. This is not your average ice cream shop. Guests can watch their favorite pops and bars made by hand and dipped in chocolate! And don’t worry, Pretty Cool Ice Cream has vegan, plant-milk based and dairy-free pop options, so everyone can enjoy!

The Creole Creamery—New Orleans

If quirky flavors are your group’s prerogative, The Creole Creamery offers plenty. Creole Cream Cheese, Nectar Cream Sherbet and Lavender Honey are local favorites scooped along with classics such as chocolate chip and vanilla. Look for seasonal favorites: Lemon Icebox Pie, Strawberry Jalapeno Cheesecake and Chocolate Guinness Cake and dairy-free sorbets!

Izzy’s Ice Cream—St. Paul and Minneapolis Minnesota

Boasting a flavor selection nearing 200, Izzy’s Ice Cream has a little something for everyone. From regular to non-dairy, sorbet to gluten free, this is inclusion in a cup. Their website is updated with whatever flavors their two locations are scooping up every three minutes. So, your guests can decide exactly what they’re going to order before they even step inside the shop!