Measles contaminations at LAX. Legal, recreational marijuana at events. Homelessness. The ever-present threat of a live shooter. All the tragedies, changes and triumphs we’ve seen in 2019 touch the meetings industry and raise important questions for planners, such as: How do you keep attendees safe? How can hospitality cure homelessness? What do you serve a group of attendees with various dietary restrictions? What happens if someone gets high at your event?

We’ve rounded up the six top problems facing the meetings and hospitality industry at the moment and link them to stories we have done that could help you sleep better at night—wherever you are.

1. Infectious Diseases and How to Avoid Them

With measles outbreaks in the United States and worldwide proliferating recently, health organizations are warning travelers to consider infectious diseases and prevention before they take off. Read to protect yourself and attendees.

2. Live Shooter Threats Require Planners to be Proactive

The threat of public gun violence has changed how and where people gather. Close collaboration among planners, attendees, venues, vendors and hotels is vitally important to ensure the safety and attendee comfort.

3. Homelessness and Hospitality: Can Event Professionals Make a Difference?

Event professionals have started speaking out about the risks to security—as well as the human tragedy—of people living on the streets near venues. Some see the hotel industry as part of the solution. Here are three approaches.

4. Puff, Puff, Plan the Marijuana Policy at Your Events

Are you liable if an attendee gets high at your event? Is recreational marijuana legal in your state? Are you considering offering marijuana products at your next gathering? We’re answering your most pressing pot planner questions to date.

5. Overtourism: When Travel Goes Too Far

When tourism gets out of control, it causes overcrowding in popular locations at peak times, disrupts local infrastructure, increases pollution, raises the cost of living and disturbs the peace. And it will only continue—and get worse—unless actions are taken to reign it in. Here’s how planner play a part of the solution.

6. How to Accommodate Dietary Restrictions

Planning an event menu in a gluten-free, keto and vegan world can be a hassle. Whether an attendee has a food allergy, is health conscious or stands by their personal or religious beliefs on how food should be prepared, these tips will help you create a menu that accommodates everyone.