2020 presented us with the opportunity to try our hand at being as creative as possible. For many of us, this took the form of fun and lively videos. DMOs, CVBs, some of our friends, and our very own Marin Bright, used this to spread positive messages throughout the industry—and poke a little fun at the Zoom meeting.

Below is a recap about some of our favorites.

How are you preparing for changes?

Before we knew what awaited us, Mike Lyons, Smart Meetings TV correspondent, asked meeting professionals how they were preparing for the changes to come in the events industry. Shot at our first event at Grand Hyatt SFO in San Francisco.

Some Good News with Marin Bright

Inspired by actor and director John Krasinski, Marin Bright, founder and CEO of Smart Meetings, shared positive diamonds in the rough of bad news.

The Water Coolers Presents: Zoom Me!

The effort to slow the spread of COVID resulted in Zoom having quite the year, from record high usage to record high stock valuation. While there is are many benefits to Zoom, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and our friends “The Water Coolers” made a fun music video about its pitfalls.

Travel Jam 2020 ­– That’s What DMOs are Made To Do

Travel Jam created a music video to promote Destination Organizations and Convention and Visitors Bureaus in their recovery efforts in the travel and tourism industry as a part of the Destinations International Virtual Annual Conference in July 2020.

An Insiders’ Guide to Las Vegas’ Reopening with Kate Patay

Special correspondent Kate Patay set out to test the waters of the Strip’s reopening. Patay met with several industry professionals, as they informed her about Vegas’ latest developments.

Patay wrote an article detailing her experience in one of the meetings industry’s most beloved cities.

How does it feel to meet again?

For a brief and wonderful moment, live meetings were back on. Mike Lyons took the opportunity to find out what our attendees though about getting back to live events.

Welcome Back Contest Winner: Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau

During the summer, we asked CVBs to welcome back meeting professionals in the most creative way they could. After reviewing numerous entries, Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau came out on top.

Welcome Back Video Contest: Honorable Mentions

Winners in their own right, our honorable mentions are highlighted for the unique ways of showcasing some of what their destinations have to offer.