In the meeting professional world there is no “one-size-fits-all” when solving any problem. Nuances, circumstances and ever-changing rules shape how one goes about tackling an issue. Much like the event planner, strategic solutions can wear many hats.

Event cancellations, postponements, hybrid engaged dominated conversations over the last 12 months. Take a look at some pieces we’ve written about the near endless ways to handle the many hiccups that may befall a meeting prof.

alcohol guide holidayHow to Work Around Shortages During Holiday Event Season

When shortages—food, staff, paper, transport—are in short supply, there are two options: bow out or handle it. The meeting professionals in this piece share how they got creative in the face of scarcity and increasing prices of, well, everything. Who would’ve thought chicken and steak would be almost the same price?

eventThe True Cost of Postponing an Event

Cancelling an event can feel akin to throwing money into a flaming trashcan. While losing a bit of time and money may be inevitable when calling an event off, there are some cost considerations to think about before pulling the trigger, which could save you not only money but prevent strain on the relationships you’ve built.

expoHow to Move a 2,000-person Expo in 3 Months

If you do have to postpone, take a page out of this veteran playbook. You have a little more than 2,000 people expected to come to your event, which has been moved twice already, then you learn you have to move it again. What do you do? Andrea Dekker, former event director of ADS Inc, shares how she managed.

5 Questions for Your Next Site Inspection

Event Leadership Institute released The Event Professional’s Guidebook to In-Person & Hybrid Meetings, Events & Conferences, an event guide that covers all things hybrid, attendee safety and event readiness. To help meeting profs with their next site inspection, we touched on five factors to consider.

Code Red! Your Fix-It Guide for Today’s Event Emergencies

When emergencies rear their ugly heads, one must be quick in thinking and skillful in maneuvering. This is what we learned from experienced problem solvers from around the United States.

Not Your Mother’s Incentive… Or Even Last Year’s

The incentive trip comes in many forms, and those forms are increasing, taking on a new look, with a greater concentration on richer, more meaningful and more life-changing experiences that not only satisfy the soul but are more earth-friendly. Recipients of these incentives, typically sales teams, are changing, as well.

Q&A with Rachel Sheerin on Banishing Burnout and Reinventing Joy

Unfortunately, burnout is a common feeling among employees. This year, 77 percent of respondents reported experiencing burnout at their current job, according to a survey by Deloitte. Rachel Sheerin, keynote speaker and event emcee, has also experienced burnout in her life. In this Q&A, she shared how she overcame burnout and began to live a thriving life.