A sound body and mind makes for a sound meeting planner who creates fantastic events. But how does one create a sound body and mind? The same way one creates events. You take it day by day, communicate (internally rather than externally) and execute.

Smart Meetings wrote a bit about how meeting planners can ensure their health and wellness is in top-tier shape, so they can pass on the good vibes to their attendees.

Say No to Anger

A man leaning out of his white car and shouting

Sometimes, not getting angry takes work. The bills need to be paid, the house needs cleaning and your back hurts. And at the beginning of 2022, Covid was still at the top of many people’s minds, and meeting planners took on a new role they hadn’t anticipated: policing Covid safety. Not only did this create discomfort for planners, but for attendees as well, with varying opinions and feelings about the matter as a whole.

Author and conflict management expert Elaine Parke’s habit-forming model can steer one away from anger altogether. It all comes down to creating good mental habits.

Healthy You: The Memory Games

Misplacing your keys is one thing. Forgetting to order catering for a group of 300 is another. No matter what you’re forgetting, it can be frustrating when you do.

Research has shown that—like any muscle—if you don’t use it, you really will lose it. Your brain, that is. Brain games, such as Scrabble, and Words With Friends, are one way to make sure your brain is as sharp as can be. But that’s not all, read on for more.

Healthy You: Biohacks for Planners

A 3D render of a human brain, representing biohacks.

The word “biohacking” has gained popularity in recent years, but the term has been around for a while, with some taking it to sci-fi level proportions.

But you need not take it there. There are plenty of ways to naturally biohack, and it only includes slight tweaks to what you’re probably already doing.

The Spa: From Luxury to Preventative Medicine

woman laying on stomach getting spa treatment with large leaves on her back

Health consciousness is at an all-time high, and so is the health industry, which is projected to see a year-over-year increase of at least 5%. Lacey Matsumoto, new spa director for Four Seasons Resort Lanai’s Hawanawana Spa, has seen increased interest in the wellness industry and the spa industry in particular.

Matusumoto shares the details of this trend, as well as how meeting professionals can incorporate wellness into their group’s stay.

Results from a Healthy IMEX Challenge

Sport and fitness equipment, dumbbells, fitness shoes and measuring tape

Coming fresh off the heels of a pandemic, IMEX set an in-person attendance record. And like its high attendance numbers, many participants’ step count followed suit, with many clocking 20,000 steps or more daily walking around the floor.

But beyond steps, attendees were also involved in more intentional health challenges. At the event, participants could go for the 5K IMEXrun on The Strip, hit morning yoga or join a meditation session. Smart Meetings talked to some attendees who found a way to stick to their fitness goals.