When leaving a conference, attendees want a sense that they’ve learned something new about their industries, themselves and the people around them. In fact, attendees want to leave your event feeling inspired and engaged beyond superficial networking, experiencing some personal growth and development.

From association conferences to corporate events, attendees are looking for mental stimulation, new ideas and inspiration to do better and impact their industries.

So how can you put together the perfect event that inspires personal growth and development? These five steps can help you plan meetings that matter:

Emphasis on Your Participants is Key
Including speakers or performers that have inspirational stories to tell can engage your audience by having them share their own stories, initiate conversations or simply get them off their feet for a standing ovation.

Create a Sincere Environment
Bring out the best in people by establishing an environment that harnesses trust. It is crucial for attendees to feel comfortable, especially when they are trying to reveal their true selves.

Value Contribution and Teamwork
Everybody wants to contribute and feel like they are making a difference. Giving attendees the opportunity to come together and experience a sense of community can inspire participants.

Challenge Your Attendees Comfort Zone
Include outside the box activities such as scavenger hunts or amazing-race style adventures. Helping attendees to come together as a group can have an impact on their whole experience at your event.

Unplugging from Technology (If Possible)
With technology overload, excessive tweeting and posting can get in the way at events. If possible, have a segment of your event that requires your attendees to put away their devices and really get down to business. Or if unplugging is unrealistic, use technology to create networking and connection games that build community or inspire participants.