Planners seeking a sophisticated venue in San Francisco can bank on Bently Reserve. The building, which housed the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco for 60 years, still retains much of its 1920s architectural charm.

Located downtown in San Francisco’s bustling financial district, Bently Reserve is connected to the Le Meridien Hotel via a walkway. The elegant and classic space has been renovated and enhanced with technological advances. Planners will find numerous options for meetings.

Bently Reserve just unveiled the Adriatic Room, named after artist Jules Guerin’s 1924 mural “Traders of the Adriatic.” The iconic painting hangs in the building’s lobby. The 870-sq. ft. space features original exposed brick walls, expansive windows that provide natural light, new carpeting and paint. The room can accommodate 68 for corporate meetings or special events.

The nearby Gateway Room is the same size, and has been revamped with new walls, paint, carpet, lighting and tiling to match the original 1924 style. Luxury unisex bathrooms next to the Gateway Room double the total number of restrooms in the facility. A new kitchen allows caterers to cook food on the premises.

The largest space on the ground floor, Banking Hall, also received a major facelift. Columns in the stately, 8,045 sq. ft. hall were restored, and damaged marble on the walls was repaired. A new ceiling offers better soundproofing, and a computerized LED lighting system offers a wide range of colors and displays. A magnificent space, it can seat 350 for a banquet or accommodate 805 for a reception.

Upstairs is a series of smaller venues. Some feature fireplaces or vintage wall moldings, others have dark wood paneling, but all have a lot of character and are dressed with curated pieces from San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Particularly noteworthy is the Apollo Room, a 547 sq. ft. boardroom that features a large, polished desk with an actual piece of the Golden Gate Bridge embedded within it. Now that’s a conversation-starter for your next meeting!

Bentley Reserve, 400 Sansome St., SF, CA 94111