Etouches, a global provider of cloud event management software, recently announced the launch of its newest product, event ROI. For the first time, event professionals using Etouches software are able to gain a comprehensive view of the value their events generate and real-time means to improve the outcomes.

Etouches developed the product to address event professionals’ increasing need to demonstrate the value events add to their organizations. The tool’s insights-to-action approach collects, integrates and analyzes a broad range of event data and performance metrics against trends, benchmarks and best-practices.

“As a breakthrough capability for event managers and organizers, our event ROI tool will change the way that the industry operates,” said Niko Nelissen, vice president of mobile, data and engagement at Etouches. “By measuring event ROI in real time against client goals, the product will bring event data points to life with actionable tools.”

With Etouches’ event ROI, event professionals can now benefit from an integrated event performance toolset for the meetings industry. Organizations can track the performance of their events in real time according to their desired goals. The data points generated from sourcing, registration, mobile and onsite activity are seamlessly collected throughout the event’s lifecycle and displayed in context to the client’s goals within flexible, easy-to-action dashboards.

“Etouches’ goal has always been to provide the industry with innovative solutions to maximize an organization’s reach, relevancy and efficiency as it relates to events,” said Oni Chukwu, CEO of Etouches. “By properly and comprehensively tracking the data around events, event professionals now have the comprehensive tools at their fingertips to positively impact and transform the way they allocate their massive investment in events overall.”

Since closing a $20 million funding round in May and completing the acquisition of hospitality and venue booking solution Zentila in June, Etouches has significantly added critical, differentiated components to its award-winning enterprise event management platform. The new event ROI product will be offered as part of Etouches, in addition to supplementary tools.