There’s a lot at “steak” for Philadelphia during this Sunday’s Big Game, and it could only be cheesesteak. A Boston-area Kimpton hotel has challenged their brand’s Philly counterpart to give up their signature, artery-clogging sandwich and eat healthier “when” the Patriots beat the Eagles in Super Bowl LII.

Joe Capalbo, director of operations for Kimpton Hotels of New England and general manager of the Kimpton Marlowe Hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Philly’s a city known for cheesesteaks, hoagies, bacon grease popcorn, cream cheese and soft-pretzels,” says Joe Capalbo, director of operations for Kimpton Hotels of New England and general manager of the Kimpton Marlowe Hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “It’s time we showed them what makes a true champion, on and off the field.”

In alignment with Kimpton Marlowe and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s commitment to health and fitness, Capalbo is challenging the general managers in the opposing city to follow Brady’s strict diet for 12 days. If the Eagles lose, he pledges to send his counterparts copies of Brady’s book, The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance or force them to order TB12 Performance Meals for 12 days. He’s looking forward to following along with a trail of video evidence on his social media feed.

James Adamson, general manager of Kimpton Monaco

Kimpton Monaco in Philly tried to deflate Capalbo’s confidence with the classic response, “Yo, Adrian!” If the Eagles fly away with the championship ring, “Joe will have to do a 5 a.m. Run with the GM along the Charles [River] every day for 12 days in a Rocky robe that reads ‘Balboa’ on the back,” retorted James Adamson, general manager, and Peter DiOrio, assistant general manager.

Capalbo is no rookie in betting wars with rival Kimpton cities. In 2015, he won a wager with Seattle after the Pats beat the Seahawks. “Kimpton is a playful, whimsical brand, and we live for fun programs like this. Thankfully, given the Patriots’ winning track record and our other championship teams here in Boston, I get to do this fairly often!” Capalbo says. “And come out on the winning side.”

Kickoff is only days away. Vegas oddsmakers are picking the Pats. Some pundits say the Eagles will win big. Someone is going on a diet or going on a run.