Voting has started for the 2018 Smart Stars Awards. This is your chance to show your gratitude to the brands and companies that host your events. Candidates represent a plethora of categories—including Best City Hotel, Best Hotel Spa and Best Cruise Line—for destinations at the forefront of the hospitality industry.

These properties showcase a dedication to hospitality, a zest for hosting meetings and conferences of all shapes and sizes, strong work ethic and the ability to give you everything you need in order for your event to be a success. Did a thoughtful staff member take your meeting to a higher level? Did the in-house team provide you with innovative tools for presentations? Did the property receive compliments from attendees? We want to hear about it.

Nominations come from industry professionals, and winners will be awarded with recognition in the June edition of Smart Meetings, both print and digital. Their success will be showcased on the website for a full year and featured in a national press release.