Meetingmax and Aventri have teamed up to make your life easier through a completed integration, which will save valuable time for you and your attendees. The integration connects the Meetingmax room block management and Aventri event registration systems, combining to be the ultimate planning software. “Event professionals streamline planning, while driving registration and increasing attendee satisfaction,” was said in a press release on September 9.

“We are proud to offer event planners a fully integrated registration and housing solution,” said Jeff Duncan, president and chief executive officer of Meetingmax. “With this integration, they will be able to offer attendees a seamless registration and hotel booking experience. Using the integrated platforms, planners will exercise greater control over their inventory, improve pick-up rate and ultimately increase revenue.”

So, how does this help you?

Ensure Attendance

In any industry, there are those who procrastinate. With this integration, you can see who has registered but haven’t booked. This allows you to act and encourage stragglers to book. We all get busy, but now you can ensure that, even with their—and your—busy schedule, they don’t forget to get their room.

Control Inventory

Customizability for any event professional is a plus. Through the integration, you are able to customize the registration setup so only registered attendees can book within the hotel block. And as a bonus, you can limit the number of rooms an attendee can book. Essentially, the platform allows you to make sure that rooms go to the right people.

Drive Data

Aventri “delivers innovative technology solutions to streamline the event process, providing real-time data and analytics on event performance, customer engagement and increasing measurable event ROI,” which is all available at your discretion. In understanding your data, you no longer have to switch between platforms. One of the best things to come from this integration is that you can get real-time data, which lets you get complete reports from both systems at the tip of your fingers.

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Not only does this make life for event professionals easier, but attendees’ lives too. Attendees can register for an event and book accommodations all in the same place, strengthening attendee participation. This new system is available to all customers of Meetingmax and Aventri with no additional set-up costs.