Just last week, California unveiled plans to reopen June 15, much to the excitement of the tourism and event industry. Not to be outdone, beginning June 1, Nevada will also be operating at full capacity, says Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak.

Both Sisolak and Steve Hill, president and CEO of Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, believe the vaccines have played a large role is moving the ball forward, with Sisolak saying their introduction “changed the game.”

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“The wide availability and rapid administration of vaccines will allow our valued events industry to reconvene with confidence and in its entirety,” Hill says. “Las Vegas will continue providing the gold standard for health, wellness and safety precautions for the benefit of its workforce, the community and our visitors.”

As of May 1, Sisolak says the state will leave social distancing mandates up to individual counties. In doing so, the governor made it known the state is well aware some counties may choose to go slower. “Each county in Nevada is unique and has different factors to consider: rural or urban settings, community transmission rates in the area, and vaccine administration, among a few,” he says.

Sisolak emphasizes the timeline requires Nevadans to continue getting vaccinated and wearing masks; through the transition, the mask mandate is to remain in place.

“I wish I could give all Nevadans an exact timeline as to when we can tuck away our masks—but public health officials made it clear that in order to reach our goal of reopening on June 1, we must make sure Nevadans stay masked. It would be irresponsible for me as your governor to ignore that advice. Additionally, it’s a commonsense bargain—if we all continue to wear masks, it will help ensure we can reopen our state by June 1,” Sisolak said in his official announcement.