With business travel slowly making its way to pre-pandemic levels, Kayak is aiming to make the return to travel booking easier.

Now available in 60 locations and supporting 28 languages, Kayak for Business, a free service, has officially launched. Following a soft opening in February, when more than 3,000 companies signed up, the corporate travel solution is equipped with new features, including expense integration, price prediction and discounted corporate rates.

“When travel came to nearly a full stop in 2020, it gave us an unexpected runway to think about the future of business travel,” said Steve Hafner, CEO of the online travel agency (OTA). “Business travelers and their employers in a post-Covid world will demand even more flexibility, competitive prices and easy ways to blend business and leisure travel.”

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Kayak for Business “makes searching for (and expensing) business trips more convenient and personalized. Similar to the Kayak UX, Kayak for Business brings the leisure travel experience to the outdated interface of the corporate travel world,” states a press release. New features, such as automated expenses, the ability to book from anywhere while keeping loyalty points and the ability to share trip details with colleagues, have been added.

According to a survey by Kayak, 58 percent of Americans believe business travel is back or will be by the end of 2021. Searches for midweek fall travel in the United States are up 165 percent, says the OTA.