International airlines are investing some of their record profits into posh, new lounges at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The Los Angeles Times reports that the lounge upgrades are part of more than $2 billion in renovations underway since 2012 at LAX Airport. The improved facilities are almost exclusively reserved for elite passengers who buy the most expensive tickets.

-Last week, Quantas revealed a multimillion-dollar expanded lounge, three times its original size with 400 additional seats. There is a new 74-seat restaurant, a make-your-own juice bar and seven shower suites.

-Virgin America opened its first lounge at LAX last month. The 4,000-square-foot space above Terminal 2 is filled with brightly colored décor and features food and beverage options inspired by hinoki & the bird, an innovative California restaurant. The lounge is accessible to all Virgin passengers with the purchase of a day-pass.

American Airlines plans to upgrade its lounges in six major airports, including LAX. Later this year construction will begin on a new Admirals Club with a modern design and custom-made furniture.

-United Airlines, which operates from Terminals 6, 7 and 8, will renovate its LAX lounge by 2017. The 29,000-square-foot upscale lounge planned for Terminal 7 is part of a $450 million renovation.

-Next month, Delta Air Lines expects to complete a lounge renovation as part of a $229 million overhaul of Terminal 5.