Budgets are tight, even during this period of robust growth in the meetings industry, and some under-the-radar loyalty programs can help to make a big difference.

USA Today identified several loyalty programs that offer airline miles, points and more, including these four that are particularly relevant to meeting planners and their groups.

1. Thanks Again: This aptly named company partners with airlines to award miles for regular purchases at participating retailers, restaurants and service providers around towns and in the airport. Simply register your American Express, MasterCard of Visa (credit or debit) card and Thanks Again will then pair it with the rewards program of your choice, offering miles or points in addition to what you’re already earning.

2. RocketMiles: Some planners who book hotels, especially independent properties without a major loyalty program, sign up for RocketMiles, which awards airline miles based on how much you spend. A variety of programs participate, and in many cases bonuses are awarded for making your first reservation.

3. Uber VIP: It not only gives you access to the highest-rated drivers in your area, but also provides free perks, ongoing sweepstakes and occasional perks. Anyone who takes 10 or more Uber rides per month is eligible to be part of the program. VIP status is specific to a city, so while you might be a VIP in San Francisco, that doesn’t give you VIP access in other cities.

4. PreFlight Airport Parking and TheParkingSpot: They are among the companies offering programs with benefits for those who frequently park with them.