In the spirit of pride month, W Hotels announced plans on Monday to release a series of destination guides for the LGBTQ community that offer value beyond pride festivals. The company says it recognizes that LGBTQ guests are no different than other travelers—they, too, want a uniquely crafted experience.

“Many are seeking out authentic historical and social opportunities on the ground to gain deeper insight into the struggles and triumphs that have shaped the LGBTQ+ community in each place,” the company said in a press release.

The guides will incorporate video diaries from community trailblazers, such as model and activist Carmen Carrera, as well as Phillip Picardi, chief content officer of Conde Nast’s LGBTQ publication, them. The cast will explore cities with a richly diverse LGBTQ past and immerse themselves in the cultures.

The first stop on the list is Mexico City: the first place in Mexico to legalize same-sex marriage. Other cities that will be toured include Istanbul, Atlanta and Brisbane, Australia.

“With W Hotels, we have created destination guides that go beyond on-paper descriptions and bring viewers into real life and the adventures that we have lived and loved through a unique, queer lens,” Picardi said in a press release. “Through these guides, we are broadening horizons for queer travelers, breaking down boundaries to show off the incredible tastes, sights and sounds of places that aren’t the most well-known to hopefully inspire others to get up and go.”

The Angle, W Hotels’ lifestyle and travel website, will publish the first guide June 6.

This content comes as part of W Hotel’s ongoing attempt to promote inclusion and equality in the hospitality industry. Last year, the hotel introduced its Queer Me Out speaker series, which promoted discussion of LGBTQ connection and timely topics. Pablo Henderson, W Hotels’ global director of brand marketing, said the industry has a duty to educate guests amid the entertainment of events.

“People come to hotels to meet,” Henderson said at last year’s event. “They come to hotels to work. So, we’ve got really unique platform, and an opportunity, and really a responsibility to use our global footprint to amplify your voices and to continue our support of the community in general.”

In the same press release, W Hotels also announced Queer Me Out will launch globally in 2018. The hotel will organize events at its locations in New York, Barcelona, London, Amsterdam and Mexico City.

The panel is supported by Marriott International, owner of W Hotels, and its #LoveTravels campaign, which highlights how travel can promote positive and loving experiences.

“With the expansion of Queer Me Out and new, immersive content working with our incredible creative collaborator, them., we are reimagining what a world of acceptance and support could and should be through inspiring communities and a new generation of travelers around the world,” Anthony Ingham, global brand leader for W Hotels, said in a press release.