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Four months after Marriott International settled contracts with hotel workers who went on strike at seven hotels and 11 months after Las Vegas casino workers came to an agreement with multiple owners in Southern Nevada, casino workers in Reno are taking to the streets, demanding a pay increase, healthcare and retirement benefits.

On Thursday, Culinary Workers Union Local 226 released a statement calling for picketing of Circus Circus Hotel Casino Reno. The union has been in contract negotiations with Eldorado Resort Casino Reno, the parent company of The Row, which includes Silver Legacy Resort Casino Reno and Circus Circus. The release cited, “an aggressive union-busting campaign by the company,” and increasing profits that have not been passed on to food servers, cooks, housekeepers, bartenders and other hospitality workers.

“Eldorado Resorts made 9.8 percent more profits (in total adjusted EBITDA) last year and Eldorado’s CEO could make $8.8 million this year, including long-term incentives and bonuses,” the union statement said. “We are the reason Circus Circus Reno is successful, and it’s time they recognize that,” said Marlene Sanchez, a bartender and union committee leader.

Randy Pullen, president and CEO of WageWatch, said the settlement in Las Vegas and other cities set a precedent for negotiations across the country. “The economy is strong right now, and that is the time to push for increases in wages and benefits,” he said. He has been seeing increases of 3.5 to 4 percent across the board.

An Eldorado press contact said the company would not comment on the issue.