Photo Courtesy of Salt & Water

A Serbia-based architecture firm has introduced a floating hotel design that would enable guests to explore water areas worldwide that are largely neglected due to their inaccessibility.

Salt & Water‘s concept, which won this year’s Millennium Yacht Design Award in the Dream Boats Division, features a main structure containing a reception area, a restaurant, a cafe, an event hall and staff offices. The building is linked to a docking station for several yachts that serve as luxury guest suites. The yachts are 16.7 by 13.8 feet, and the highest point measures 11.5 feet from the floor.

Each yacht would contain a sleeping area above a salon, along with a gallery, a bathroom, a hall with storage space and 154 sq. ft. of open-air space. The crafts have a terrace at the stern and a “beach platform” at the stem. Hotel patrons would be able to relax outdoors on the platform, from which they could enjoy the water for swimming, diving, fishing, and sun bathing.

The catamarans would accommodate two to four people, and could be partially customized to satisfy guests’ needs.  Clients would be able to navigate the schooners themselves or arrange for onsite skippers to do so.

The concept, which centers on navigating inland waters without disrupting the harmony of the surroundings, was originally submitted as a rough proposal to a regional government seeking ways to utilize a deserted lake. The idea received such a positive response three award-winning professionals at Salt & Water further developed and refined the concept.

No specific plans are in the works to create a product based on the design, but Svetlana Mojic, Salt & Water’s design director, has expressed confidence that it will happen.