(Photo courtesy Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel)

The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel is one of the first convention hotels in the country to introduce high-density Wi-Fi technology in its convention space, which is capable of providing more than 15,000 users with fast and reliable internet service.

Event internet service provider XpoNet installed the system after the technology was successfully tested among some of the world’s leading technology groups. A full back-up system employs the use of multiple internet providers so any outages from one particular provider will go unnoticed by users.

“Streaming broadcasts of keynote speeches, video conferencing and multiple personal internet devices used by every attendee has made the need for a fast and smooth internet an absolute must among today’s meeting planners,” said Gino Marasco, director of sales and marketing for Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel.

High-density environments are most often found in convention centers, auditoriums, hotel meeting rooms, concert halls, and other venues where hundreds to thousands of people are accessing the internet on a wide range of devices. The capacity and throughput requirements of high-density wireless environments demand a more intelligent solution to traditional thin AP networks. A more flexible solution is needed that can scale to support hundreds or thousands of simultaneous users and wireless devices.

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel’s adoption of Xponet’s Wi-Fi solution makes it largest convention hotel in Florida to offer the technology.

“We introduced high-density Wi-Fi to get out in front of the industry so that we can provide planners with the latest and best available,” said Marasco.

Located in the heart of Walt Disney World Resort, the hotel offers 2,267 guest rooms and over 329,000 sq. ft. of meeting space, including 84 meeting rooms—two of which are executive ballrooms—and 110,500 sq. ft. of contiguous convention space.

The Gartner Symposium—an annual expo that brings together CIOs and IT executives—was the first group to test the new technology, when they convened at Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel at the end of 2015.