The White Tower, London

The stable U.S. economy continues to positively impact all aspects of the travel industry as evident by The 2015 Hotel Price Index that was released Thursday. The report notes that U.S. travelers were willing to spend a little more on hotel rooms, while taking advantage of the strong U.S. dollar for great values abroad.

London’s status as the No. 1 international destination for Americans reflects several trends noted in the report. While other international destinations experienced significant decreases in hotel prices, and thus providing great deals for U.S. travelers, London’s average hotel rate of $257 is higher than New York City’s, suggesting that Americans have the resources to travel regardless of cost.

Throughout most of Europe, major price decreases were experienced. Vienna, for example, had a dramatic 26 percent drop from 2014, with an average hotel price of $123. Other international destinations where U.S. travelers are finding great deals include Toronto, Montreal, Bangkok and Brazil.

The Hotel Price Index notes that Las Vegas is the most popular destination for U.S. travelers. Las Vegas’ average hotel price rose 6 percent to $122, the lowest average among top U.S. destinations except Orlando.

It’s no surprise that the top U.S. destinations according to the Hotel Price Index are also the top meeting destinations. The report shines a bright light on where meeting planners and attendees can get the best deals.

Orlando’s average hotel price of $111 certainly has helped it maintain its status as a top meeting destination. Las Vegas, Houston and San Antonio also stand out as domestic destinations that prove cost effective for meeting planners and attendees.

New York City is in the same league with London for average hotel price at $254. San Francisco is the second-most expensive U.S. destination with an average hotel price of $221.

Top 10 Domestic Destinations for U.S. Travelers,
According to The 2015 Hotel Price Index:
2015 Popularity Rank City 2015 Hotel Room Price Average % Change in Hotel Room Price
1 Las Vegas $122 6%
2 New York City $254 -4%
3 Orlando $111 7%
4 San Diego $147 3%
5 Los Angeles $175 8%
6 Chicago $172 5%
7 San Francisco $221 2%
8 Washington $162 2%
9 Houston $123 -3%
10 San Antonio $124 0%