2020 March – Monterey County CVB (Test)

7 Reasons to Meet in Monterey

The premier West Coast destination for truly transformative meetings, Monterey County has captivated meeting planners with its famed list of unforgettable locations and opportunities to excite every appetite and interest.

A Legacy of Inspiration

The birthplace of Ted Talks and the world’s first music festival, Monterey County has a rich history of creative innovation. A meeting here isn’t just a change of scenery or a change of pace, it’s a change in perspective that invigorates the soul and improves the bottom line.


Unexpected Venues

Monterey County is known for its outstanding hospitality and wide array of accommodations. With more than 220 facilities and 12,000 guest rooms, our venues range from large, cutting-edge properties to unique facilities designed to spark the imagination.


Service that Exceeds Expectations

Take your meetings to the next level with complimentary services that assist your planning and enhance your attendees’ experience. From custom microsites and maps to personal Site Experience Guides that go above and beyond, you’ll have personal resources from start to finish.


Sustainable Meetings

Home to the most robust natural landscapes in the world, Monterey County takes pride hosting sustainable meetings. From LEED® and certified green businesses to zero waste event services and carbon offset programs, we provide comprehensive planning resources for green meetings.


Soul Awakening Agendas

Deliver a presentation that’s truly breathtaking. Beaches become break out sessions, golf courses facilitate connections and kayaking takes place after the keynote. With endless possibilities, inspiration in Monterey County comes naturally.


Award-Winning Wine & Fresh Seafood

Pair sustainable, farm-to-table cuisine and fresh seafood with more than 32 varietals of wine from over 175 vineyards and 60 wineries. These award-winning wines compliment the stunning sunsets found in the valley and along the coast.


Inspired Moments that Endure

A meeting in Monterey County is more than a business meeting — it’s a renewal of spirit. Here, attendees leave restored, ready to launch ideas, create change, and build on the insights they’ve discovered.


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