8 Products to Enliven Your Holiday Event

Holiday events are tricky. The goal is to establish memories of twinkling conversation and eggnog-induced laughter. However, they can easily slip into an awkwardness so brutal, that you begin to sympathize with Scrooge’s disdain for mankind. So get under that mistletoe, it’s time to kiss stale holiday traditions goodbye in favor of something fresh. And we’re not just talking candy canes. Whether you’re planning a festive blow-out for a client or simply organizing the office soiree, these products surpass the memorable and achieve Insta-worthy status.

1. Peppermint Cocktail Rimming Sugar

Not only will the decorative sugar add a pop of color, but also a peppermint flavor. The potential seasonal cocktails are endless.

2. What Do You Meme?

Flaunt your meme humor IRL! What Do You Meme is simple. Showcase your funniest meme by pairing a Photo Card with a Caption Card. A rotating judge determines the winner each round.

3. Instant Fake Snow

BYOS (bring your own snow) with a snow machine that creates flakes in even the warmest locations. Plus you can play in the snow without chilly discomfort.

4. Prosecco Pong

Add some class to your favorite college game. Prosecco Pong comes with all the essentials for glamorous (and competitive) drinking.

5. iPad Karaoke Machine

iPad-powered karaoke is the modern way to keep this pastime alive and well. Sing your heart out with the paired app that features thousands of popular tunes.

6. Candy Cane Ring Toss

The colorful candy cane toss excites your inner-child, while the simple rules appease your impatient, outer-adult.

7. Make Your Own Snow Globe

Gift something both pretty and heartfelt—a real rarity. The crafts kit includes a glass globe, multi-colored clay and glitter.

8. Flashy Christmas Specs

These ultra-festive glasses guarantee that everyone gets in the holiday spirit. Bonus: guests can’t opt out of looking foolish with you in the photos!

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