9 Travel Neck Pillows You Need

Best for the Window Seat: Therm-a-Rest Compressible


Tell your standard bulky neck pillow to move over. This badboy folds up to one fifth of its size, which makes it perfect for traveling. The fabric is also cozy instead of scratchy, guaranteeing prime shut eye.

Best for the Bobblehead Sleeper: GoSleep Eye Mask and Pillow Kit


Say goodbye to bobbing-induced neck pain! The eye mask in this kit attaches to the back of your headrest, with an adjustable elastic cord. It’s worth noting that it may only be usable when there’s not a screen on your seat back, so it’s a preferable option for shorter flights or car rides.

Best for the middle seater: Travelrest Ultimate


This pillow is anything but basic. Its unique shape may be initially off putting: once inflated, it’s shaped like a long apostrophe that tucks right above your shoulder and across your body or down your side. If you’re in the middle seat though, this unique shape ensures you still have neck support, without needing a window wall or your neighbors shoulder. They’ll thank you later. Bonus: upon arrival, it easily deflates into a small roll designed to snap right onto your carry-on’s handle.

Best for Saving Space: AirComfy Travel Pillow


No matter what sleeping pain you may typically incur, the AirComfy Travel Pillow has your back (or neck). The pillow is designed to provide either lumbar support or neck support, with an elastic band to secure it to your headrest. It will helpfully inflate to the firmness you prefer, and can be compacted once you land.

Best for Minimalists: Tumi Packable Jacket


We all have that one friend who insists on bringing “only the necessities” on a trip. The Tumi Pax On-The-Go Packable Jacket is for that friend. This jacket rolls into a hidden pouch at the collar to do double duty as a travel pillow. Could things get better? Yes! When worn as a jacket, it’s both wind- and water-resistant with quilted duck down insulation. Talk about necessity.

Best for Shoulder Snoozers: J Pillow


The innovative shape of this pillow has helped place it as the number one best-selling travel pillow on Amazon. It’s widely praised by avid travelers online, and is specifically designed to cradle your head, chin included, from the side. The unique whale tale shape differentiates it from the standard airport pillows, and provides a variety of available sleeping positions, and extra comfort.

Best for Light Sleepers: AERIS Memory Foam Kit


We’ve all been there: you JUST passed out in your problematic aisle seat, and then the drink cart whams into your elbow. Fortunately, the AERIS memory foam kit was made for the light sleeper. Its ventilated memory foam molds to the contours of your neck and it comes equipped with a soft sleep mask and a pair of foam earplugs. So, keep your elbows in, and you’re guaranteed a restful journey.

Best for Avoiding Tray Table Bacteria: Comroll Travel Pillow


Tray table devotees, this pillow is the real MVP. The woolip was developed with help from yoga teachers and physiotherapists. It’s a frontal pillow that’s the weight of a smartphone, but able to support your head and upper body when you lean forward. Cozy never looked so compact.

Best for chin support: Bcozzy Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

Bed Bath Deluxe

The internet is buzzing with praise for this cozy number. Pretzel-like in shape, this pillow’s biggest perk is that it provides necessary chin support that standard U pillows just can’t even.

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