Survey: U.S. Millennials Seek Challenging, Immersive Travel Experiences


U.S. millennial travelers are seeking immersive, local experiences that challenge them and expand their awareness, according to a new report.
The report, 2018 Future of U.S. Millennial Travel, was based on a Resonance Consultancy survey of U.S. residents from 20 to 36 years old who have taken an overnight vacation at least 75 miles from home in the past year. Eighty-five percent of respondents said that venturing out of their comfort zones and learning new things is a priority, right behind dining (91 percent), fun attractions (90 percent) and sightseeing (88 percent).


Consistent with this finding, two of the most desired future travel activities among respondents are participating in once-in-a-lifetime activity (36 percent) and volunteering (31 percent).
“Young travelers are not ‘escaping’ through travel as much as they’re collecting experiences and pursuing opportunities for growth,” the report says.

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