Quebec City is an event planners dream destination. It not only boasts a long-standing European heritage and history to captivate attendees from the moment they arrive but also has a highly dynamic atmosphere and modern vibe throughout the year, thanks to the city’s unique and popular events, such as the Festival d’été de Quebec, which plays host to such big-name acts as The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and Billy Joel, and the renowned Quebec Winter Carnival, which has been celebrating winter in all of its glory for the past 60 years.

Quebec City also provides an eclectic mix of culture, sports and agritourism. The city is home to many different museums and galleries—each with its own take on art. Adventure buffs and outdoor enthusiasts are sure to find their dream escape, thanks to a wide range of nearby parks and resorts that offer everything from skiing and dogsledding to white water rafting and hiking. Finally, if attendees are budding epicureans, Québec City is brimming with local farms and producers that will go out of their way to have you discover the fruits of their labour and terroir products.

For business meetings and conventions, Quebec City definitely has its star power; event planners worldwide attest to how the city can impressively increase attendance when holding an event in the city.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should get down to business in Quebec City.