That’s where Tourisme Montréal comes in. We know the nooks and crannies of this city, and we thrive on helping you — the busy event planner — find the setting that will make your event shine.

To get your idea juices flowing, here are five themes that Montréal does best! You can also download the Official 2016 Offsite Venue Brochure to get more details.


Montréal is a creative city. Our status as an innovative destination has become a big selling point for a wide variety of meetings and conventions. This makes sense. With a fertile startup scene and a plethora of art festivals, our metropolis has earned the reputation as Canada’s capital of creativity. Host an event in an art gallery or a startup den!


Montréal is an outdoor playground. From the tree-lined mountain at the hub of the city to the iconic river that flows at its front step, nature is never far. Host a business meeting with an “Island” theme or enjoy an outdoors happy hour at one of these cocktail-friendly venues.


Montréal is a mosaic of cultures and people. Welcome your guests into an 18th century French colonial garden or host an immersive technology event under a dome that forms a spherical 360-degree projection screen. In Montréal, “culture” comes in many shapes and sizes (and faces and venues)!


Montréal takes sustainability seriously. Many of the city’s key tourism industry partners have taken major steps to soften their ecological footprint. Key players like the Hotel Association of Greater Montréal, the Palais des congrès de Montréal (the Convention Centre) and Tourisme Montréal (that’s us!) are available to support you in your efforts to promote sustainability.


Montréal is one of North America’s most historic cities. As a planner, you can put Montréal’s heritage front and centre by choosing one of the city’s historical venues for your group’s events. From regal to rustic, there is something for every organization and every type of meeting. Discover these 10 historical venues!

Spotlight On Montréal’s Newest Event Venue: Au Sommet Place Ville Marie


There’s something spectacular about seeing a city from the top of a tall building. From this perspective, one can gain a sense of the geography of the area. From this height, one can also observe the movement of people — riding in buses, hailing taxis, strolling during lunch breaks — and these movements subsequently tell the story of the city.

Montréal has a new rooftop venue and it’s perfect for boisterous team gatherings!

Located in the heart of Montréal’s downtown, Place Ville Marie is a 47-storey, cruciform office tower. It was constructed in 1962 as headquarters for the Royal Bank of Canada and, over the years, has maintained its status one of Canada’s most distinctive tall-rise buildings. On the roof of Place Ville Marie, a beacon rotates four white horizontal beams (much like a lighthouse) and can be seen as far as 50 km away. In that sense, the skyscraper is truly a Montréal landmark.

The top-floor venue, formally known as Au Sommet Place Ville Marie, offers event planners an entirely new way to “wow” their attendees. Watch the sunset. Learn about the history of Montréal. Gain perspective over one of North America’s oldest cities. Celebrate a team accomplishment. Treat a client to lunch. These are all the ways that the space can be used for recreational or professional pursuits.