Just like meeting and event planners, celebrities constantly travel, and during the course of their journeys, pearls of wisdom sometimes emerge. Here are a few travel tips from A-listers.

1. Julia Stiles, on preventing jet lag

“I try not to get stressed-out if I wake up in the middle of the night, and I accept that resting is better than not sleeping at all,” Julia Stiles told The Telegraph. “Drinking Coca-Cola also helps; it’s hydrating, and the sugar and the caffeine pep you up after a long flight.” If there was a single cure for jet lag, we’d all have it stashed in our travel bags. Until that happens, why not try indulging in the sweet soda?

2. Julianne Hough, on maintaining your glow

Planners are faced with a specific obstacle while traveling—being presentable just moments after stepping off the plane. Since the meetings industry involves a lot of in-person interaction, it’s beneficial to exude vitality, even when feeling a bit tired. “About halfway through a long flight or right around landing, I like to refresh my skin with an invigorating cleansing and toning pad,” Julianne Hough wrote on her website. “This removes any excess oil and an overall feeling of grossness.”

3. Lionel Richie, on packing wisely

Those who have never endured lost luggage are truly blessed. The rest of us know that the experience is a major inconvenience—plain and simple. This is especially true on a business trip. Yet there is a way to play it safe, even with more than one bag. “Pack your outfits in separate bags so if one bag doesn’t show up, you’re still ready to go,” Lionel Richie told The Telegraph.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow, on avoiding sickness

Spending time in airports, airplanes, taxis and other transportation modes seriously increases your chance of catching something. So how can you combat a germ-infested environment? “They say Vitamin C in high doses wards off viruses and strengthens immunity, so once I get to my seat, I take four or five of these [Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C] bad boys,” Gwyneth Paltrow wrote on her website, Goop.

5. Sofia Vergara, sticking a fitness routine

Jennifer Yates, Sofia Vergara’s trainer, told People that the starlet packs weights and resistance bands in her bags. This is a terrific way to avoid blaming the hotel’s gym facilities. Plus, when it comes to fitness, Vegara’s strategy is always a safe bet.