Everybody uses social media now. You can have giveaways on Twitter, connect with potential clients on LinkedIn and engage with your followers on your Facebook page. But how can you stand out from the rest? What makes you special? These are questions Liz King Caruso, founder of techsytalk and Liz King Events, has answers to. Smart Meetings talked to King Caruso about how to add value to your social media presence and engage with your audiences across different platforms. Here is what she had to say.

The Age of Influence

We live in an age where social media is king. Everybody has a Facebook or Instagram account and consumers are eager to follow brands across all platforms. While it’s easy to simply cater to people without much thought, you must keep in mind that your followers have audiences of their own. This is invaluable—if you can draw people in and use social media to bring them to your event, they will share this new discovery with their own network.

People pay attention to online ratings. When people are deciding where to eat, what to wear or which events to attend, they head online to find reviews and recommendations. Building an online presence that showcases positive reactions is key.

Stand Out Among the Rest

The first question you must ask yourself is, “How do I stand out?” What can people learn from you? What do you want people to know? Delve into the quality of your content and what you can teach others that they won’t find anywhere else. Catching attention on social media can be difficult when there is so much information, so find your strengths and show them off.

Finding your voice is equally important. Are you an outgoing brand? Or do you stick to a smooth, professional aesthetic? Identify with a tone and run with it. You can then implement this voice throughout all your social media posts, keeping your brand’s output cohesive. Be careful when outsourcing social media—you want your voice to remain consistent even when being handled by somebody outside of your brand.

Bring Everything Back to Your Brand

Be consistent and make sure every post comes back to your brand’s values and mission. From posting Instagram photos to retweeting other companies’ posts, everything must connect back to your brand’s core. When you’re consistent, people will associate all your media—from blog posts to videos—with your brand and its voice.

Put the Social in Social Media

It’s easy to retreat to marketing strategies as your sole posts, but people want to connect. Though many sites have switched from conversational to marketing platforms, don’t lose your humanity. If somebody mentions your brand, reach out and thank them personally. Ask a question and begin a discussion when answers come in. Engage in meaningful ways.

Promote others through your channels. If you have multiple keynote speakers at your event, state what they’ve been working on recently. The same goes for sponsors—show your gratitude through meaningful promotion. Consider using features, such as interviews, to give an in-depth look into an industry professional’s background. This can benefit you as well—those who are featured will share the article with their network, and there’s a large chance of reciprocation in the future.

For more information on how to utilize social media platforms to receive positive results, view King Caruso’s full webinar on SmartMeetings.com.