Meeting professionals don’t have to break the bank to live the high life, because many programs make it easy for them to travel luxuriously and hassle-free at reasonable prices.

These five VIP flight experiences cut the stress out of business travel.


This service allows you to dodge the time-consuming ID check lines, so you can get to your flight quicker. When initially signing up, Clear’s machines record your biometrics, such as retinas or fingerprints. You will then be directed to its stations that use those biometrics to confirm your identity. Afterward, it’s straight to the TSA Precheck or TSA physical screening. The company says its service can get you through the whole TSA process in five minutes. Clear is offered at $15 per month in 30 U.S. cities.


JetSuiteX offers semiprivate travel at lower-than-usual fares.  This company is a smooth alternative to tense, bustling airports. Planes travel in between private hangars in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Jose, and Concord, California. As opposed to standard flights, JetSuiteX allows you to arrive minutes before your flight leaves and doesn’t charge for bags, pets or seat selection. Lounges at each hangar also supply complimentary snacks, bottle service, drinks and Bose headphones to take on the plane. Planes sit up to 30 people, so you can rent out one seat or the whole plane for your company’s attendees. One-way tickets start at a little over $100.

Corporate Traveler

It’s all about you with this airline service. Corporate Traveler uses technology and 24/7 customer service to make your trip seamless. Through its artificial intelligence system, Sam, you can receive destination guides and sightseeing suggestions or book ride-sharing services. You can also stay steadily informed with weather alerts, baggage claim information and traffic conditions.

As meeting professionals, sometimes last-minute setbacks arise. Sam allows you to quickly change your flight within your airline’s travel policies. Corporate Traveler also uses Sam to supply information about vaccines, visa requirements and currency exchanges.

Not only is traveling to an event stressful—so is planning the actual event! But there’s a subsection of the company that helps with every detail of event planning, including entertainment sourcing, venue selection and design. Corporate Traveler is based globally with teams in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Surf Air

This flight experience brings waves of savings—in time and money. Surf Air offers the same luxury of being able to expedite airport time as JetSuiteX. But Surf Air offers an unlimited flight travel package for $1,950 a month. The company says it’s perfect for those who drive long distances frequently or fly more than two round-trip flights monthly. Scheduled routes are available for travel between California, Texas and Europe. A company package is also available that is perfect for transporting employees or attendees. For $5,000 a month, you can book up to 10 flights for an unlimited number of fliers.

Tradewind Aviation

Tradewind operates within the Northeast region of America and between the Caribbean and United States. It offers scheduled shuttle flights, which are cheaper than private charters, but still provide elevated comfort. However, the shuttles are on a season-dependent schedule. One-way fares begin at $495, but if you purchase a ticket book—a bundle of 10 or more tickets designed for regular commuters—major discounts are available. Tradewind’s flying hubs are in heavily traveled destinations, so connecting your flight is a breeze.