How many times have you opened your suitcase to discover your shampoo decided your fresh clothing needed to be washed? Not how you intended to start your trip. Here are some clever packing hacks for those pesky toiletries, cosmetics and electronics that’ll help keep your bags and belongings organized and dry.

Prevent Leaks

Liquids, lotions and gels are escape artists. They love to find a way to ooze out, creating a gooey mess in your suitcase. To keep your belongings dry, wrap containers, bottles and tubes tightly in aluminum foil. That way, even if it does pop open, the wetness stays contained inside your packaging.

Many bags are designed for toiletries and cosmetics, but one of the best is actually meant for wet bikinis. The outer shell is made of terry cloth for maximum absorption of leaks, and the interior is lined with plastic, so you can easily wipe up messes. Henri Bendel has several cute options in their collection of travel accessories. This would make a great swag bag gift item.

Protect Brushes

You don’t want the bristles of your makeup brushes to get bent out of shape. Here’s a smart tip: Toothbrush holders are the perfect length to keep them protected.

Remove Stains

Dryer sheets are light as a feather and take up no space in luggage. They are great little hack to remove deodorant and other stains on clothing. Apply force as you rub the mark, and it’ll gradually erase before your very eyes without having to do a load of laundry.

Wrap Cords

Power cords can easily become a tangled mess. Twist ties are great, but get worn out after continual use and break. For thick wires, such as blow dryers and flat irons, fold the cords up and put them in the cardboard core of a toilet paper roll. The chargers for smaller items, such as phones, iPods and tablets fit nicely inside eyeglass cases.