After two years of testing streaming platforms, meeting professionals are asking for more comprehensive solutions and a number of event technology companies have risen to the challenge. We rounded up some of the recent announcements you need to know now to move ahead empowered to deliver regardless of what emergency hits the headlines in the coming months.

Cadmium: Lead Retrieval Solution

What: New product being built into eventScribe allows event organizers to scan attendee badges on existing Android or iOS to capture and analyze information quickly.

Why: “Attracting and retaining exhibitors is a crucial goal for our customers. Real-time reports make it easy to turn leads into sales without delay,” said Michelle Wyatt, president of Cadmium.

How it impacts you: The goal is to make post-event sales easier with streamlined lead generation, increasing the overall profitability of events.

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Notified: Customized Cloud Services

What: New product enhancements to Intrado’s Event Cloud platform now supports everything from standalone webcasts to recurring field events to multi-day, hybrid conferences, and everything in between.

Why: “We know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to event execution, so Notified’s product strategy has centered on agility and innovation,” said Ben Chodor, president of Notified.

How it impacts you: Automated back-end processes allow you to better manage speakers, sponsors, staff and meetings. An integrated mobile app and package pricing means you can purchase one license for an unlimited number of events.

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Cvent: New Vendor Marketplace

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What: A curated network of trusted vendors to support in-person, virtual and hybrid event requirements will be a core component of the Cvent Supplier Network.

Why: “Cvent’s Vendor Marketplace is a welcome evolution from the complex supplier spreadsheets we’ve used in the past. Being able to quickly send a request for meeting support services within our preferred venue sourcing platform, the Cvent Supplier Network, enables our team to work more efficiently and tap into a trusted network of suppliers who we know will get the job done,” said HelmsBriscoe Senior Director of Global Accounts, Valerie Hodgson.

How it impacts you: This will be a one-stop-shop for event sourcing and makes building a seamless platform that fits the specific event’s needs easier since they should all work together.

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Glisser: Elements Software Development Kit

What: With help from a fresh $4.9 million investment, Glisser Elements SKD will soon have more options for integrating low-code video streaming, slide-sharing and audience interaction for their websites and intranets.

Why: “As we transition out of numerous lockdowns, businesses globally are realigning their working environments and travel policies to meet this new way of working. Virtual and hybrid meetings now have a permanent place in their communications and marketing channels, and we’re innovating to support that,” said Michael Piddock, CEO of Glisser.

How it impacts you: The more turnkey streaming engagement platforms are, the easier it will be to distribute content more widely.

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Bizzabo: American Express Meetings & Events Partnership

What: American Express partnered with immersive in-person, virtual and hybrid experiences provider Bizzabo to us the company’s Event Experience Operating System to expand its Meetings Marketplace.

Why: “Our Meetings Marketplace now includes a wider range of technology solutions and partnershelping our customers choose the right technology or service to enhance their meeting or event while saving time and minimizing risk,” said Gerardo Tejado, American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) senior vice president of marketing and general manager of meetings & events.

How it impacts you: GBT customers will have access to a wider selection of solutions and partners for all types of meetings.

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Hubilo: Engagement Suite Upgrades

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What: Chats, polls and Q&A sessions can now be shared directly on the main session page using Hubilo’s engagement suite.

Why: By shifting where this is located and how it’s communicated about, you’re clearly letting your attendees know that their experience at your virtual or hybrid event really matters.

How it impacts you: As a session moderator/ host, you can now add session chats, polls and questions to audience screens, improving exposure and engendering greater attendee interest, as if you are calling individual audience members—virtual or in the physical room—up on stage to participate. The result could be more engagement and fewer drop-offs.

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Crowdsol: New Global Solution

What: A new technology platform designed in the United Kingdom by event professionals and digital developers includes pre-configured event processes and templates for different event types.

Why: “Building the Crowdsol platform was a journey of self-exploration for our events team, who have endeavored to construct an effective and functional technology platform that fellow organizers will want to use and that their audiences will want to interact with,” explained Tülin Sipahiler, founder and managing director of Crowdsol.

How it impacts you: The interface was designed to feel familiar and make it easy to create valuable experiences at an affordable cost and avoid the high logistics expenses of conventional events such as time, budgets, and how to create engaging events for global attendees without making an impact on the planet.

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