Over the course of a 24-hour day, the most productive people juggle multiple projects while meeting their goals. Experts point out that productivity is not about working longer or harder; it is about working smarter. On themuse.com, Travis Bradberry shares the following tips on the habits of productive people and how to increase workplace productivity:

1. Don’t Touch Things Twice

It’s a colossal time-waster. When emails and phone calls come in, immediately act on, delegate or delete them.

2. End the Day by Preparing for the Following One

This valuable practice solidifies the day’s accomplishments and ensures productivity for the next day.

3. Attack the Most Dreaded Task First

Don’t procrastinate! Attacking the most dreaded item on the to-do list frees the rest of the day for more interesting projects.

4. Focus on Key Tasks

Don’t waste time on insignificant tasks, even if others deem them urgent. Keep your eye focused on what is really important.

5. Stick to Meeting Agendas

Make sure meetings are not time-wasters by setting a time limit and sticking to the intended schedule.

6. Say No

The most productive individuals are comfortable saying no to commitments they are unwilling or unable to fulfil. This also helps them avoid stress, burnout and depression.

7. Check Email at Designated Times

Email can be a constant interruption. Productive individuals check it on a schedule, prioritizing the most important messages.

8. Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking is actually less productive than once thought. Researchers have concluded that the brain can only focus successfully on one thing at a time.

9. Delegate

When it is necessary to complete an important project, trust a colleague to handle nearly everything else that comes in.

10. Take Advantage of Technology

Use apps and technological tools to sort and prioritize emails and notifications.

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