Although live video is nothing new, live-streaming platforms are having a major moment, especially in the meetings sphere. Using video apps, such as Periscope to promote events is becoming a viable method of connecting with attendees in a more personal way.

Last week at IMEX 2015, there was lots of user-generated content on Periscope from audience members at educational sessions. Other attendees were also able to comment and ask questions, even if they were not in attendance themselves. But real-time footage is not just for conference-goers. Event planners can also live stream content to connect with their audience, if done in an authentic way.

Here are 6 tips for using Periscope to promote events:

1. Tell a story: Think about the event from an attendee’s perspective. What would they want to see, before, during and after events that they couldn’t otherwise experience on their own? Take your audience along with you for a behind-the-scenes look at event facilities, finishing touches on decor or even a sneak peak backstage. Attendees will have their interest piqued and feel like they’re involved in the process.

2. Crowdsource ideas: Not sure what kind of theme your attendees will like? What about choosing activities for your group? Crowdsourcing ideas and suggestions are more interactive when accompanied by video. Show your group a 360 degree view of venue options and decorations, or a live example of a team build you have in mind. Not only can users leave real-time feedback with comments and hearts, but they will also feel considered and excited about what to anticipate.

3. Exclusive interviews: A short video clip is the perfect opportunity to showcase event speakers. Conduct a mini-interview right from your phone and receive instant feedback. Speakers could also use the time to field questions from commenters and briefly cover information that might not be included in their keynote. A live-streamed Q&A session is also a great opportunity for speakers to fine-tune content for the audience.

4. Keep it real: Periscope videos are not the time for a carefully crafted corporate message. A staged video lacks the spontaneity that users want to see. Embrace imperfections and show a human side to your organization or conference and see the hearts float up.

5. Things to remember: It is helpful to give the title of your video some thought. A great title with relevant hashtags will draw more viewers to your content. You can also be selective about your audience by making videos private; otherwise they will automatically broadcast to everyone who follows you on Twitter.

6. Cover the bases: Tell people around you that you’re live streaming before pressing the record button. Although you don’t want to appear scripted, take this precaution to avoid accidental curse words or private conversations being included in the background. Plus, some people may not like to be filmed, so always ask first.