It’s that time of year again: office holiday party season. Instead of overindulging at the open bar or trying to make moves on a colleague under the mistletoe, use the year-end gathering to your advantage. Avoid committing the obvious faux pas and boost your professional image for a bright year ahead.

1. Lay off the booze, or at least limit yourself to two drinks. The next day, you’ll be thankful no one is gossiping about your potentially bad behavior.

2. Use the office party as a chance to network. Mix and mingle with colleagues you don’t normally interact with, and be prepared to engage in small talk.

3. Leave work talk aside. Try discussing co-workers’ interests and families instead, and they may come to see you as a friend.

4. Don’t bring a guest, unless it is specifically stated that he or she can attend. Plus, if they over-do it at your office shindig, it will reflect badly on you.

5. Be a team player by helping out during the party, as it will leave a lasting impression. It’s also wise to thank the host before you go.