The strongest organizations excel at building great teams. While there is no set formula for building great teams, there are certain tips planners can use to improve their chances. A recent blog posting on HubSpot offers the following 9 hints:

1. Seek out potential stars in your organization that have high standards and want to contribute to a project where they can have real impact.

2. Look for those who embrace debate. When handled civilly, disagreements actually bring cohesion to teams.

3. Avoid individuals who tend to dominate discussions. Concentrate on those who are not afraid to contribute to a conversation, but also possess good listening skills.

4. Welcome diversity. Include team members of different ages, genders and races who have different backgrounds and strengths.

5. Certain people possess the ability to read others’ emotional states. This can be a very valuable trait. When assembling a team, look for those with high emotional IQs.

6. Focus on workers that are committed to doing their best on a daily basis.

7. Ego can get in the way of achieving corporate goals. When building great teams, handpick those who consistently focus on what’s best for the company rather than their own individual goals.

8. Choose team members who will value and maintain a work-life balance. If they are going to work hard for the company, they will need to devote equal time to their families and social lives.

9. Create informal opportunities for group engagement and communication outside of formal workplace settings.