Promotional products adorned with logos are an affordable way for businesses to increase brand awareness and create memorable impressions during meetings, trade shows and events. According to the 2016 Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study reported that those who own a promotional desk accessory typically keep it for about 14 months.

With so many options and various budgets to consider, exhibitors should decide which branded items make the most sense for use at upcoming trade shows. Lauren Melnick, customization solutions manager at Poppin, a modern office supply company, has helped businesses customize branded items that exhibitors can pass along to attendees. She suggests these five tips for choosing appropriate trade show swag:

-Impact: Create a branded item that an attendee will use well beyond their time at the trade show by giving away useful items. There is a better chance that people will remember and associate your company with a positive experience.

-Quality: Invest in quality, personalized goods to show that you’re serious about your brand so that potential partners and clients take your brand seriously, too.

-Relevance: Trade show giveaways should be relevant to your company and audience. For example, Teachers Pay Teachers, an online resource, made custom pens and notebooks for a conference that was both relevant to the brand and useful for the audience.

-Transportation: Most attendees travel to trade shows, so cumbersome swag that’s difficult to bring home often gets left behind. Consider asking your provider about bulk packaging. This way, attendees can avoid the extra step of unwrapping individual products.

-Budget: Make wise purchases within your budget to ensure a high ROI while enhancing your brand. Whether you have $3 or $10 to spend per person, choose an item that will represent the company best versus buying something cheap or flashy.