Looking to earn your Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation in 2018? The CMP program was established in 1985 to enrich knowledge and performance of meeting professionals, endorse the status and credibility of the profession and establish a uniform standard in the field. The CMP is met with global recognition for excellence in the meeting, convention, exhibition and event industry.

Although we can’t assure you that the road will be easy, in fact we predict a few bumps along the way, we’re confident that you can handle it. Here’s a map of what to expect.

Step 1: Complete 3 years of professional experience, and have accrued 90 points from the CMP criteria. Points may be awarded for the following: experience in meeting management (35 points), management responsibility (50 points), education and continuing education (25 points), membership in professional organizations (10 points) and professional contribution to the field (30 points).

Step 2: Fill out Convention Industry Council application

Step 3: Receive application status from CIC

  • Denied: Make a written appeal within 14 days
  • Approved: Continue on the road

Step 4: Pay the exam fee and schedule a date

Step 5: Within a year of approval, take the exam

Step 6: Get your results

  • Fail: Wait for CIC to email eligible candidates when registration opens and retake the exam. You may also want to consider other prominent certifications in the industry, such as CSEP, CMM, DES, GTP or CPCE.
  • Pass: Congratulations! Get your certificate in 4-6 weeks after your result.