Are you signed up for so many mailing lists that your inbox has reached full capacity? Do you scroll past emails and hit delete before even reading them? Guess what—so does the rest of the world. People receive emails every morning for coupons, stories and special offers, and it’s easy for them to gloss over these when on the hunt for specific emails. But by getting a handle on creative marketing techniques, you can see your open rate skyrocket. Not only will this lead to an increase in interest, but you’re bound to see an influx in attendee engagement at your next event.

To help you maximize your event marketing efforts, we’ve created a list of seven example subject lines that will connect with a larger segment of your audience with every email.

Push a Time-Sensitive Offer

If you’re offering a flash sale, lead with a sense of urgency in the subject line. This will encourage your mailing list to see if any services will be necessary for their events in the near future or RSVP to a future event. It’s a winning combination: you’ll see an increase in your open rate and attendance at your meetings.

Suggestion: 50 Percent Off Select Services—Three Days Only!

Connect to Your Audience

People are more likely to believe in the power of your services if others have hosted successful events with you. Testimonials are powerful. Ask previous customers to share their positive stories and reviews. Make sure they focus on benefits that they wouldn’t have received without your help.

Suggestion: Success Story of the Month: John Doe of X Company

Mention Major Influencers

Name-dropping may seem tactless, but it works. If someone of significance has used your services, their followers will want to see what all the fuss is about, and they’ll open your email for more details. Fans of influencers are likely to be your greatest consumers.

Suggestion: Find Out How X Influencer Achieved Success with X Service

Share Your Secrets

You obviously have winning techniques for achieving your goals or you wouldn’t be in business. Share those tips with your followers. You don’t have to give away everything, but those who are hungry for a taste of success will devour your email if it contains relevant nuggets of information for hosting the perfect event.

Suggestion: How I Achieved X in Two Months

Pique Their Curiosity

It may seem risky to be vague, but let’s be honest: curiosity is a strong force. While you should give a hint of what your email will be about (so, a little more than simply “this email will benefit you”), leave a key detail out of the subject line to create a strategic cognitive gap. Your audience will be intrigued and more likely to open your email for your discovery, secret or story.

Suggestion: Open Now for a Surprise Announcement

Make a List

Listicles are extremely popular. They also allow you to fit lots of information in a single email. Often short, to the point and entirely relevant to the title, they’re easy for readers to digest and fun to scan through for tips and ideas. Be clear about what knowledge they’ll gain in your subject line and you’re guaranteed an open.

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Respond to Current Events and Trends

There’s a lot going on in the meetings industry today—from commission cuts to new destination openings. If something is relevant to their world, readers are likely to open the email for news they haven’t found elsewhere. Add a fresh perspective to the event or input from other planners for an inside look.

Suggestion: CEOs of Chain Hotel Respond to X Event