10 Tips to get Most of your work done before lunchSuccessful people get as much as 90% of their work done before lunch by streamlining their tasks and increasing their efficiency. Murray Newlands of Inc.com offers the following tips:Write in the morning. It helps focus your brain and increase productivity.

Take breaks. While it may seem counterintuitive, stopping periodically actually makes people more productive. Set an alarm to remind yourself to get up, stretch, take a short walk or get a cup of coffee.

Plan your day the night before. List exactly what you want to accomplish, and cross the tasks off as they are completed.

Don’t agonize over decisions. Make it within 60 seconds, and don’t second-guess it. Usually your initial reaction is correct.

Use the 80/20 Rule. Only 20% of what you do each day produces 80% of the results. Eliminate the tasks that don’t matter. On projects, cut out unnecessary steps.

Address email and voice mail later. If you check them when you first arrive, others will dictate what you accomplish in the morning.

Stop multitasking. Focus on one task at a time.

De-clutter your desk. Sticky notes and open files create distraction.

Arise earlier, if need be. You are more productive in the morning rather than the late afternoon.

Eliminate distractions. Shut your door, use noise-canceling headphones, and/or inform co-workers not to disturb you before noon.