We all know the importance of location—being in the right place at the right time with the right people. But did you know there are apps that facilitate finding those places and coordinating with those people? Here are five ways to make getting from here to there just a little easier.


This mapping platform was created to help people meet halfway by easily finding locations that are exactly half the distance for both people. But it also makes finding a central location for a business group easier than coaching everyone on entering the code for a web conference. You enter the location of all the offices they will be coming from, the type of venue you would like to meet in—a hotel conference room, for instance—and then pick from a selection that meets your criteria and is equally convenient for everyone.


The German developers of this platform have done the site visits for you. They narrowed it down to the most affordable, unique and well-equipped in 32 cities all over the world. In minutes, you can search the portfolio of 10 countries, specify which amenities you need—whiteboard, high-speed internet, coffeemaker—then get a cost estimate and book online with an instant confirmation. Don’t see what you need? Spacebase is also available on chat or on the phone.


This San Francisco-based company focuses on connecting event planners with inspiring spaces. Looking to throw a networking event in an urban penthouse loft? Need a dignified boardroom with a kitchen for an important off-site retreat? Planning an interactive team-building experience, and only a yoga studio on the park will do? This is your source. Once you have found your perfect space, message the hosts through the app and finalize the reservation using online booking.


Once you have picked the location, the trick is getting everyone there on time. This crowdsourced route-mapping technology allows millions of drivers to “outsmart traffic” by alerting drivers in real time when a delay or a hazard is ahead and then suggesting alternate routes if available. The event planner even be alerted with the estimated arrival time of attendees if they agree to sync before they leave the house.


Once everyone is at the event, this mobile conference app allows you to set beacons around the site that send a message—about an upcoming breakout in a nearby room, for instance—when an attendee is in range. It also allows the attendee to find herself by including an interactive map of the conference space. Attendees can zoom in and out, tap on pins for exhibitor and session information, and find the closest restroom with a few swipes on a phone.