Apple has expanded its Maps app to include terminal maps of eight more U.S. airports, after introducing maps at two airports earlier this year.

The new maps are part of the latest update to iOS 11, the operating system for iPhones and Apple’s other mobile devices.

Ars Technica reports that the airports that have been added to Apple Maps are Baltimore-Washington International (BWI), McCarran International (LAS) in Las Vegas, Miami International (MIA), Midway International (MDW) in Chicago, Minneapolis-St. Paul International (MSP), Oakland International (OAK), O’Hare International (ORD) in Chicago and Portland International (PDX) in Oregon. San Jose International (SJC) and Philadelphia International (PHL) were previously added to iOS 11.

When an airport is located on the map, indicators for each terminal appear. By tapping a particular terminal, the user can zoom in to see the floor plan, with markers designating stores, shops, gate numbers and security checkpoints. More information about shops and restaurants can be gained by tapping their markers. Users can also search airports for specific locations.

Apple has indicated that it intends to add maps of several other international and national airports—including New York City’s John F. Kennedy International (JFK) and LaGuardia (LGA) airports—but has not announced when it will be doing so.

The other U.S. airports to be included are in Denver, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York City, Newark (New Jersey), Pittsburgh, San Diego and Seattle. The international airports are in Amsterdam, Berlin, Doha (Qatar), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Geneva, Hong Kong, Toronto and Vancouver.

The maps of airport interiors currently are available only on iOS, not on macOS.