Just because everyone is launching drones in the expo center, doesn’t mean you need to start mapping routes around the chandelier for your next ballroom takeover. Strategic use of remote controlled devices can be a great way to capture the experience from a new angle, stream to remote audiences and keep an eye on things, but taking precaution is recommended.

Create the Ultimate Immersive Experience

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have come a long way since they were tested on reconnaissance missions along the Ho Chi Minh Trail during the Vietnam War. Improved endurance and higher clearance has made them popular for lots of non-military purposes, including law enforcement, search and rescue and geographical mapping. Drones have become popular event accessories because they enable live-streaming for remote access. Creating an immersive experience allows for up-to-the-minute updates and is a surefire way to guarantee that you are on the cutting edge of technology.

Add Virtual Reality to Your Drone Technology

DJI Goggles connect wirelessly to the Mavic Pro drone, so that users have aerial views of events without ever having to leave the ground. The goggles allow HD livestreaming over short distances, and the head-tracking mode allows users to control camera movements by simply turning their heads. Incorporating the latest technology in this way will lend your brand originality and is sure to be a talking point long after the show is over.

Smart Tip: Put your company’s name on the drone to maximize the opportunity for brand exposure.

Make Security a Priority

Drones not only assist in documenting your event in real-time and making events memorable, they can also act as a security feature. Drones fitted with cameras offer the possibility of continuous aerial monitoring, allowing for the detection of suspect behavior or security violations. This way, if an incident occurs, security personnel can react efficiently, leaving you to focus on the meeting.


With any new venture comes responsibility, and you’ll want the drone to be the talking point of your event for all the right reasons. Since they are considered aircraft, drones are regulated by the FAA, and any violations of these regulations are subject to penalties and/or criminal charges. How can you best equip yourself before sending in the drones?


  • Be sure that your battery is fully charged
  • Check the propellers for cracks
  • If your drone runs alongside an app such as DJI Go, make sure that there are no firmware updates that need to run
  • Calibrate the drone’s compass, which can be done through the app interface


Though indoor drones are covered by fewer regulations, if your event is outdoors, be sure to:

  • Operate the drone at least five miles from airports and at no higher than 400 feet off the ground
  • Only operate during optimal conditions, where winds are low and visibility is high
  • Do not fly over people or roads


  • Turn off the drone before turning off the remote control, ensuring complete control over the aircraft at all times
  • Carefully remove and store the propellers and gimbal to avoid damage

Proper preparation will ensure you are ready to take flight safely and successfully. If you’d like to learn more, why not check out the Commercial Drone Expo, taking place in Las Vegas from October 1 – 3, 2018, or see expouav.com for further details.