In a move that will provide a major boost to meeting planners, a new event-management tool has been created that combines Sciensio’s artificial intelligence chatbot technology with Aventri’s software technology.

In a world now accustomed to receiving answers at the snap of a finger, this management solution, which leverages EventBots to provide quick answers to thousands of common event questions, will fall in line with that expectation. Around-the-clock, planners can now access answers to commonly asked questions. Boasting an average response time of less than three seconds, Scienso’s conversation engine delivers millions of answers to everyday event questions.

This enables attendees to receive answers with the immediacy in which they receive it in other aspects of their lives, said Brad Langley, senior vice president of channel and partner management at Aventri. Not only do attendees benefit from this by receiving answers at a faster rate, but so do event professionals, as time that is normally spent responding to repetitive questions is freed up and they will have more to devote to creating an incredible experience for attendees.

“One of the beauties of an EventBot is you can have hundreds, even thousands, of participants receiving answers to different questions at the same time,” says Brad Langley, senior vice president of channel and partner management at Aventri. “You can’t do that with other communication channels.”

The partnership is yet another sign that artificial intelligence is playing a more significant role in our personal and professional lives. It is the latest example of how artificial intelligence can effectively drive attendee engagement and allow event planners to allocate more time to creating a successful event.

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The news comes just a few months after Aventri acquired ITN International, a near-field communication, mobile and cloud-based technology company.