PCMA’s new data analytics tool introduced last month at IMEX in Frankfurt, Germany, will help event managers customize events based on real world behavior. Business Events Analytics/Metrics (BEAM), which was developed as part of a partnership with Dallas-based Infogroup, it will provide market intelligence that could lead to better decision making.

“We wanted to unleash the extraordinary power of data to advance research, identify industry trends and create predictive analytics that will guide business event professionals to make informed and strategic business decisions,” said Sherrif Karamat, CAE, president and CEO of PCMA.

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Washington, D.C.-based, Destinations International will be PCMA’s marketing partner for BEAM. “This new tool will allow destination organizations to be smarter and have the ability to drive their own success,” said Don Welsh, president and CEO of Destinations International.

How it works:

BEAM will use data collected through the registration and feedback processes to predict the behaviors of business events participants. The analytical insights delivered through customized reports could help professionals provide a more strategic, captivating and relevant experience.

A data-hygiene process will also be provided and will allow participants to ensure that their CRM data is not redundant, incorrect or outdated.

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Multidimensional purposes and levels of interest include:

  • Managing big data: Large amounts of unstructured data will be organized and reveal patterns and trends relating to human interactions and behaviors.
  • Events insights: Industries such as: technology, hospitality, destinations and venues that participate in business events will provide BEAM with events insights.
  • Customization: Industry insights can be modified to each participant’s needs.

Privacy and security:

Development partner Infogroup is a leader in big data intelligence and marketing technology and will independently manage the data and analytics process to ensure data security and privacy standards are met. Participants of BEAM and PCMA will not have access to any other data portfolio but their own.

BEAM intelligence access is granted on a 12-month rolling license and is currently in pre-sales mode. The product will officially launch later this year.