Think virtual reality (VR) goggles are only useful for your teenage nephew’s video games? Think again. Smart Meetings got a behind the scenes look at the emerging technology from Sandy Hammer, Co-Founder of AllSeated. This collaboration network for planning events uses stereoscopic display to create realistic VR tools for venues and planners. Here is what we learned:

The Vision

AllSeated calls their VR software AllSeated Vision to describe the “immersive visualization tool that takes us to another dimension.” This VR can create an authentic, sensory experience for the planner and clients that allows them to view a space almost as if there were actually there. AllSeated offers more than VR tours—3D floorplans, seating arrangements, RSVPs, mobile check-in and guest list management services create an interactive environment where planners and venues can work together to create the perfect event.

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Onsite Inspections

Not only does AllSeated allow planners to virtually view event spaces, it allows them to view event spaces set up in different ways. Think about being able to view a space with rounds one minute and a moment later, the same space with an auditorium-based set up. The experience can be accessed on a mobile, computer or through VR goggles, and eliminates the need for planners to do as many in-person site visits, making their job that much easier—particularly when the site is an ocean away!

AllSeated is used by tens of thousands of clients, and when you have to choose between fantastic venues such as Bentley Reserve San Francisco and Conrad New York, a VR tour of the space will make the decision easier.

In the Words of a Beta-Tester

Kate Patay, CPCE, founder of Patay Consulting, beta tested the software and reported that she “was impressed with the lifelike visualizations of various event set-ups.” “VR makes it easy to sell your venue’s potential, eliminates the need for on-site inspections, and allows you to close more business from anywhere in the world,” she said. AllSeated is, according to Kate, “The most cutting edge and forward-thinking VR platform in [the events] industry.”

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