Attendees will now have front-row quality audio from anywhere in the venue, thanks to a recent expansion of live event audio software company Mixhalo. The real-time audio platform, which began as a way to deliver high-quality audio for venues and event organizers, will now offer the service at concerts, conferences, festivals, trade shows and more.

“We are democratizing sound at live events,” said Marc Ruxin, CEO of Mixhalo. “Think of it like HD for your ears. HDTV introduced an improved viewing experience that people didn’t even know they were missing. Mixhalo is doing the same for audio at live events: We are creating a new paradigm for the audio experience at venues [and] events.”

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Mixhalo’s low cost rids planners of high audio expenses while providing attendees with great sound. All you need is a smartphone, headphones and the free Mixhalo app. Clarity of sound isn’t all the app offers; attendees can access their preferred language or choose different audio channels if a venue is holding several sessions at once.

“We’re solving a problem people don’t know they have,” Ruxin said.