If you thought this was a rough year, think back to what it must have been like when the Spanish flu broke out 100 years ago—there was no such thing as remote work, and even more alarming, no Instagram either. This year-end roundup is dedicated to the topic of tech, which became more important than ever when physical distancing become necessary…and communication and social interaction became lifelines.

The Robot Takeover: How Coronavirus is Fueling an Industry

“In the post-pandemic era, robots whizzing down hallways will be commonplace.”

Mobile check-in will be child’s play in the years to come, as the pandemic propelled the hotel industry’s interest in touchless technology tenfold. Get ready for the room service of the future.

Up Your Virtual Value Prop

“If you’re not delivering the same caliber of networking or the shared experience of being with like-minded peers, there are no two ways about it—you’re coming up short.”

There was a lot of forgiveness this spring, as the event world realized we wouldn’t be leaving our living rooms anytime soon and took things online. Nearly a year later, the bar is raised, and it’s only getting higher—how do you up your virtual value?

What You Need to Know About Thermal Cameras at Events

As the rules wax and wane with case statistics across the globe, you can bet some initial screening is here for the future. Perhaps the most straightforward of these technologies is the thermal camera. (No individual temperature scans needed.)

Back Light: How to Engage With or Without a Physical Event

New tactics to engage attendees are all the rage in a 2-D event world, and we’ve got tips, tips, tips. “Organizers need to find a way to keep their conference top of mind and seamlessly bridge the gap between the 2019 and 2021 events. Traditional efforts will not be as effective at a time when everyone is communicating digitally.”

Beyond the 800-pound Zoom

Zoom boxes may be ubiquitous, but they are not the only choice.”

Still think Zoom is your only option for virtual engagements? Read on for a lengthy list of alternatives, with an introduction to their individual applications and particular benefits.

4 Social Media Tricks for Showcasing Virtual CSR

How can corporate social responsibility (CSR) continue to have the same impact and benefits in a socially distant world? Alex Plazen of Nifty Method Marketing and Events shares how companies can highlight CSR—a crucial element in securing brand loyalty—by taking a few simple steps to encourage user-generated content across social media platforms.