Meetings Mean Business and Lanyon are teaming up to help companies leverage software to save money and time, as well as demonstrate growth from their meetings, events and travel programs.

Lanyon, the makers of a leading cloud-based software for managing corporate meetings, events and travel programs, is the first software company from the industry to join the Meetings Mean Business board of directors.

“Meetings Mean Business understands the critical role that software plays in the analysis of meetings, events, and travel,” says Michael Dominguez, MMB co-chair and chief sales officer at MGM International.  “Working with more than 80 percent of the Fortune 100, Lanyon is positioned to provide a unique perspective. This intelligence will assist Meetings Mean Business in its mission to define the value of meetings and events.”

Besides saving money and time, software solutions help companies show value of meetings and events. Lanyon joins 32 other Meetings Mean Business board members, including major hotel brands, professional associations and destination marketing organizations.

“We think there is tremendous opportunity for software to drive increased efficiencies and business intelligence,” says David Bonnette, CEO of Lanyon. “Meetings, events and travel are being consolidated in order to make planners’ lives easier and provide transparency of spend and opportunities to save across an organization. We are thrilled to partner with other industry leaders to effect positive change and advocate for the meetings industry.”

Lanyon’s cloud-based software helps manage data from one-to-one sales meetings, employee trainings and conferences in order to better engage customer, reduce costs and grow revenues.

“The addition of Lanyon to our board of directors comes at just the right time,” Dominguez says. “As pressure remains to show value in meetings, events and face to face engagement, the need for software and the data it can provide to demonstrate the measurable returns becomes all the more important.”