It can be difficult to decide which apps are worth downloading. There are simply too many available options and more are being released each month. These seven new travel apps stand out because they cater to a modern audience. With their focus on current trends such as the sharing economy, customization and convenience, these seven apps should be on your radar.

1. Airmule

Using the app, users can list available luggage space and actually get paid to carry items onboard. Travelers are paid once the package is picked up at the destination airport. It might seem like a strange service, but Airmule partners with TSA certified shippers, and 100 percent of shipments are screened, inspected and verified. Travelers can earn up to $300 per flight.

2. As You Stay

Say goodbye to rushing out of bed. As You Stay gives travelers the ability to customize arrival and check-out times, and more importantly, only pay for those hours used. The app partners with Hilton, Marriott and other major hotel chains. Whether you need to regroup, sneak in a last-minute shower or find a quiet workspace, users can book a stay for one to 24 hours and are billed accordingly.

3. Bizly: Meetings on Demand

Got a last-minute meeting? Bizly provides instant booking for meetings in major cities. The app lets users browse curated, local hotel venues as well as choose food, beverages and other amenities for groups of up to 40 people. The app offers already-negotiated prices and same-week bookings. With this app, phone and email inquiries are a thing of the past!

4.  ChatnBook

ChatnBook is basically the Tinder of hotel booking. Users input the destination, number of travel companions, dates and particular preferences (such as the need for free Wi-Fi), and then browse hotel images, ratings, stars, prices, amenities and maps. Much like Tinder, the user swipes right if interested, resulting in a chat with the hotel to arrange the booking.

5. Cool Cousin

Cool Cousin provides trustworthy and unbiased reviews, something that may have been lost on platforms such as Yelp. The app does this by matching travelers with locals who can provide unique insights on area attractions. Once matched, the traveler can access the local’s reviews and list of favorite spots. Travelers may also use the app to message their match for advice  throughout their trip.

6. Freebird

If a flight is affected by weather, air traffic or any other inconvenience, users will receive a notification and a list of alternative flights on Freebird. With a tap of a button, users can make new arrangements free of charge.

7. SkipLagged

SkipLagged is a fantastic service, mainly because it is the first to simplify the “hidden city” trick that travelers in-the-know have long used. The strategy involves booking a flight with your actual destination as the layover city. As advertised on its website, the app is “so good” that United Airlines sued the company, although Skiplagged maintains that its practices are completely legal.